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Offsite Dinners

We have a wide variety of unique and authentic venues for your Arizona destination.

Camelback Adventures offers a diverse selection of creative culinary menus to enhance your offsite dining experience.


Transportation to your Dine Around Phoenix or Scottsdale is readily available and can be included in your per person package.


From restaurants to ranches, Camelback Adventures will provide the ideal local dining experience for your attendees.


Planning and Coordination

  • Menu Planning

  • Wine Selection

  • Customized Menus

  • Transfers with Escort Staff

  • Onsite Management and Oversight

  • Customized Billing Arrangements


“All of the people from the I.C.B.T. Group just raved about the dinner at the Wrigley Mansion. It frankly was the highlight of their trip to Scottsdale. Their response to the evening was so positive. You and your staff did a wonderful job and I certainly appreciate your attention to detail!”


Sharon G.



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